Climbing Shoes Repair

Kumpfy Shoes specializes in resoling climbing shoes and has been serving the Bow Valley and the Calgary Area since the early 2000s. Our repair staff knows their rock and rubber!

Half Resole – $65 per pair
Single Shoe – $32.50 each
Rand – $20 each
Rubber - included ($5 for Vibram XS Edge 5mm)
* plus 5% GST

Complimentary services for all climbing shoe resole:

 Weekly pick-up/drop-off service in Calgary and unscheduled service in Golden

  • Repair and/or replace Velcro straps as required
  • Install new laces as required
  • Choice of rubber
  • Stitch tears
  • Deodorize
Tenaya climbing shoe resole credit Evgenii

    Your Rubber Choice

    Vibram XS GRIP / 4mm

    Vibram XS GRIP 4mm was the first compound offered by Vibram that represented the new generation of high-performance climbing rubbers. It offers a good compromise between grip, edging, and durability on a variety of surfaces.

    • La Sportiva Zenit
    • SCARPA Helix
    • Tenaya lati

    Vibram XS GRIP 2 / 4mm

    Next generation of Vibram XS Grip. This rubber is used by boulderers and provides a measurably improved grip with a level of firmness ideal for moderate edging and slope holds while maintaining consistent performance in all temperatures.
    • La Sportiva Solution
    • SCARPA Instinct

    Vibram XS Edge / 4mm & 5mm

    Provides excellent compromise between performance and wear. It maintains its shape on the smallest of edges and provides a consistent feel in both hot and cold temperatures.
    • La Sportiva TC Pro
    • SCARPA Boostic

    Vibram / 3.5mm

    A general, mid-range rubber is great for when you can’t make up your mind.

    Unparallel RH / 4.2mm

    This rubber is tee same chemical composition as the original 5.10 C4 Stealth. It is super sticky and is the pride of Charles and Sang, owners of UnParallel Sports.


    Kumpfy Shoes Delivery Truck

    Mail Service

    Return postage is paid if you mail 4 pairs or more!

    We will contact you when the package arrives to verify details, give time/cost estimates and answer questions.

    If you are unsure whether the repair is possible, give us a call to discuss at 403-609-2292 or email photos to


    Pick-Up / Drop-Off Service

    Kumpfy Shoes offers a weekly, courtesy pick-up/drop-off service for climbing shoes (and hiking boots, jackets, or any other items that need fixing) in Calgary and unscheduled (currently) service in Golden. Items can be dropped off at the Norseman Outdoor Specialist in Calgary and the Confluence Climbing gym in Golden and will be taken to Kumpfy Shoes for repair in Canmore.

    Once your items arrive at Kumpfy Shoes, you will be contacted to confirm repair details and answer any questions you may have. When the repair is complete, you will be contacted to confirm drop-off details. Your credit card will be charged at that time. A final text will be sent when your repairs arrive back at the Norseman or Confluence. 

    If your repair is time-sensitive please drop your shoes off at Kumpfy Shoes & Repair in Canmore or call us directly at 403-609-2292 to discuss.


    Climbing Shoes Tips

    #1 – Take care of your shoes. Don’t leave them in a hot car, keep them away from a firepit… you know the drill.

    #2 – Check your shoes frequently. Your shoes will need resoling once they lose their edge and before you start working on the rand. Rand rubber is very thin and wears quickly.

    #3 – Replacing rands. A blown rand is sometimes obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious on climbing shoes. Occasionally a rand looks OK from the outside but has become thin and will blow open when our cobblers work on the shoes. When in doubt, they will replace your rand. Due to the construction of a climbing shoe, soles must always be replaced to fix a rand.

    #4 – Holes in the toes suck. We will patch holes, but there is an extra charge. Please refer to tip #2.

    #5 – Resoled climbing shoes don’t shrink. Climbing shoes are resoled by first removing the layer of rubber under the ball of the foot, then gluing a new piece of rubber onto the bottom of the shoe. Heat is not used during this process so your shoes will not shrink. However, the shoes may feel a little tighter. Kind of like they were when you first bought them.

    #6 – How many times can a climbing shoe be resoled? Climbing shoes can be resoled several times and is of course dependent on how you climb, where you climb, and how you take care of them. We encourage you to resole your shoes before your blow a rand. If you take care of your shoes and get them resoled before the rand needs to be replaced, you can typically squeak out at least another resole or two.

    #7 – Smelly shoes. They are fact of life. Toxic shoes will be sprayed before letting the cobblers start work on them.

    #8 – No Edge Technology? La Sportiva “No Edge Technology” climbing shoes can be resoled, but they will receive an edge until further notice.

    #9 – When should I get my climbing shoes resoled? When the edges start to round, when your soles start to erode, and ideally before your blow a rand. We suggest having at least two pairs of shoes, so you always have a pair to play in while the other is getting resoled.

    #10 – When should I replace my shoes? Climbing shoes will typically break down or stretch to the point that you will KNOW you need new shoes. At that time, come shop at Kumpfy Shoes!